Friday, August 17, 2007

HSAs and Beer Money

How would you like $700 in more beer this year?

Get an HSA.

Most of you have insurance through your employer, approx 60%. Medicare and Medicaid take care of your coaches and refs (LOL) for addition 27%.

But, your employers are starting to drop coverage and offer CDHC plans at a double digit rate, and those on gov't programs, while a quarter of the population, spend a THIRD of the total healthcare dollars.

Ruggers are relatively fit, so qualifying for an HDHP plan that's HSA qualified is easy.


Cuz y'all ain't getting Medicare and Medicaid when you retire. Those programs are gone in 20 years.

Cuz your employer will eventually drop all traditional health plans, as her costs are going up geometrically.

Cuz the Gov't wants Businesses out of the Healthcare System.

The Politics are simple. The Right wants a purely capitalistic approach, while the Left is looking to institute Universal Healthcare. US Healthcare is the one of few industries not purely left up to capitalism.

Get an HSA. Learn how to use the new tax rules to buy more beer.

More Beer.

I can think of no other way to motivate you people. ;)


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