Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rucking a Dead Horse? You'll have an HSA in less than a year.

Rucking over a dead horse is not a good drill to do during training.

However, the metaphor is apt. I've been running bangers off the side of the ruck like an Tongan No. 8, regarding High Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts. Sometimes I feel like I am rucking over dead horse, but I know how important this is to Rugby.

Both Employers and Health insurers realize that shifting costs to Employees cannot sustain itself. The Employee will get to the point where an Individual Policy will be cheaper, and have better benefits, than the policy at work.

Further, Health Insurance companies are now specifically targeting the 20-40 age group. Why? They're the fastest growing group of un-insureds.

Your Rugby club is the EXACT market than these companies are looking for. Young. Fit. Relatively healthy lifestyle.

Okay, so maybe not the last one on Thursday and Saturday nights.

Your employer will offer an HSA compatible plan in the next year. These changes in the American Healthcare system are coming, now. It's like this:

Annah: "Hey, There's a dead horse on the pitch?!?!"

Abbey: "I didn't put it there, I swear."

Aimee: "Well, what do we do about it?"

Coach(BMK): "Ruck it!!!"

Get the dead horse off your pitch. Get an HSA now.

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