Monday, October 29, 2007

HSA Downsides...

Okay, so HSAs have some downsides. Rugby Players realize that laws are not always good.

1. Pre-existing condition: If you've got one, you ain't getting an HSA-qualified plan. So, you'll have to go thru an employer.

2. Pregnancy: Some HSA-qualified plans have exclusions, most common is pregnancy. However, most companies will allow to convert to a higher deductible plan. Check this before you buy.

3. Pointless if you don't fund it: If you don't put the money into an HSA account, you're missing the point. Tax free healthcare, stupid. Yes, the premium is low, but that's because you should be using the difference in premium from a "normal" plan to fund your HSA.

Remember, there's no such thing as sport specific insurance in the US. Outside the US, golden. So if you're playing without, you're risking a great deal. It's possible an HSA plan is not right for you. But health insurance is necessary to play God's Game.

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