Monday, November 19, 2007

Even the Doctors want you to go to a Retail Medical Store! bro DX picked up 12 on his forehead Saturday. His health insurance was a CA HMO, and he sat for hours, got his stitches, and then had to drive SOMEWHERE ELSE to drop off paperwork. Bullshit.

Doctors want to streamline healthcare, letting the market handle costs and cashflow
. Further, retail medical clinics are popping up all over the US.

DX would have been in and out in 30 minutes. Get stitches, and go home.

What would you rather do? Sit in a Hospital ER for 4 hours because of your triage status, or hit Minor Emergency Clinic, slap down your HSA bankcard, and be done with it?

Sooner you get to the after party, sooner you can brag about your war wound. ;)

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