Thursday, November 29, 2007

How I make money, by making you Time...

How does an insurance agent get paid?

"You bastards get a commission off what I'm paying every month!"

Yes, mathematically, that's true.

However, a good agent makes money by making you TIME. Think Rugby. You train, and practice and perfect. You watch game film and read Rugby Blogs. This allows you to make better decisions on the pitch. Remember how much extra running you did when you were a rookie? Because of your hard work, you feel where to be. You're not wasting TIME doing something that doesn't promote scoring tries.

I make my money when you get hurt. I tell ALL my customers, "If you get fucked up, call me. Don't think, just call me."

Why? Because I can get to a person in claims DIRECTLY, you can't. I can coordinate your bills. I can make sure claims are being processed. This saves you TIME. Time you need to heal, not to wrestle with a stupid insurance company.

A teammate and customer dislocated his elbow during a match. Ambulance ride, MRI, reset, physical therapy. He had bills from 5 different companies. I filled out his claim forms for him. I filed the paperwork. His total out of pocket was $100, the deductible for his AMC plan. Everything else was paid for. His only phone time was with me, and I went to his place to get the needed signatures.

Can't tell you the number of referrals I've gotten from him. (All of my customers have sent me referrals. Amazing, and I thank them all.)

I get paid by making you time. Need some more time?

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