Monday, November 26, 2007

Open Enrollment, and your Spring '08 Season

Okay, so your employer might throw you a buddy pass. He'll call it an HRA, or Health Reimbursement Arrangement. It'll sound a lot like an HSA. Caution: Rugby players typically have Emergency Room bills. Busted heads or knees, you're looking at $2,000-$4,000 out of pocket. Can you use your Employer's HRA?

HRAs are NOT HSAs. Very important that you understand the distinction. You don't get to keep money you don't spend. And the Employer sets the rules, which might not include scrummaging. But let's say he's cool, and you can play. If your HRA has $4,000 available to cover a deductible, and you only spend $1,000, YOU DON'T HAVE $3,000 FOR NEXT YEAR!!!!

With an HSA, what you don't spend grows tax-deferred. An HSA could make your life very comfortable.

If HR throws an HRA, be cautious and get educated. You need Health Insurance to play Rugby. Your biggest expense will be the Emergency Room, after you've split your head open on a center's knee. Do you have $2,000 laying around?

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