Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Night Fights!!!!

Most of you are resting before your match tomorrow...yeah, over a pint. Here's what's happening on the Health Insurance Pitch:

The CA DOI pushes over Blue Shield scrum

This is why is no longer selling Blue Shield products. Claims must be paid, fast. As fast as a wing down the touch line. A company must NOT dick around with YOUR bills. I commend the CA DOI for this pushover try.

Chiropractic Gets Giuliani's Grin

Rudy's on board with the best therapy a Rugger can get. During the season, I'm put back together by my chiro. I suggest you do the same. And, it's tax-deductible if you have an HSA!

UCAA Changes to CBA, and Miss Passes RUGGERS

Remember that Accident Medical Insurance I typed you all to get? DON'T. Zane Benefits has decided to change underwriters, and this new side won't cover organized sports. will have an alternative posted here and on the home site by Monday night. Sucks, I know. Call me with any Qs: 800-605-5024.

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