Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Run away from MEGA Life as if they were a Maori No. 8

Corporate America is turning the scrum and lifting the front row. Both big no-no's in the modern game.

If you have benefits from MEGA Life, run away from them. These buggers are all about profit, not healthcare.

"But you preach a free-market system, BMK?"

Yes, I do. But here's a thought: Force all Health Insurance companies to become "mutual" companies, where the policy holders are the OWNERS of the company. So, if BMK Insurance runs a profit, it's either distributed as a premium reduction, or a dividend. It could even be placed into an HSA account.

53 Million uninsured? Maybe what MEGA Life is selling just ain't worth it?

Crab step across to stop the wheel. Drop MEGA. Do it now.

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