Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Guy who doesn't train, but still gets to start...

Do you have a teammate who never seems to train (injured, sore, absent, granular vaginits), but always starts on Saturday? Some things never change, do they...

Which leads me to the Federal Gov't and the recent passing of the Budget Bill: They NEVER have to worry about their healthcare, but have their fingers in ours. All play, no training.

Can't even get a cheap boot on them during Rucking drills. Bastards.

It is up to US, The Players, to fix healthcare in the US. Do not believe, for an instant, that politicians will EVER do anything. The Right won't get it's totally free market, the Left won't get universal healthcare. They'll drift, do nothing. It's up to you to control your Rugby Health Insurance. Demand that all healthcare dollars are tax-free. Demand R/x from Canada. Ruck over!

A Politician watches training, but expects to start on Saturday.

I hate that Guy.

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