Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting an Allowance, and not mowing the lawn...

We all got allowances as kids. Sometimes, that was in exchange for mowing the lawn, or in my case, getting the balls, pads, and practices jerseys out of the station wagon.

...And putting back the sweaty jerseys and stinking pads back in the station wagaon...I was 7.

But I got $5!!!

Your Employer will be approached this fall with a new health care concept, the Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or HRA. The Employer will offer you a monthly allowance, from which you can buy YOUR OWN Health Insurance and maybe fund your HSA.

No COBRA Bullshit. Completely Portable. Administratively, $10-15 per employee per month, and they can administer the entire program online. No forms, or silly paper work.

And they can decide who gets what and why?

All Rugby Players should own their own health insurance. Soon, even those stuck in the maul of employer health will be able to peel off and get in the try zone.

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