Monday, December 28, 2009

Team Group Plans

Okay, so you can't form a group for the sole purpose of buying health insurance.

Example: You have 6 players who don't have health insurance. You CANNOT call Blue Shield and get a quote for 6 people.

Actually, all you have is 6 LESS players...

These individuals can purchase insurance privately, and the team could even pay for it. But, they can't get a group deal. (PLUS, Individual is typically cheaper than a group anyway.)

Now, I market team Accident Medical Expense insurance, or AME. AME is in EXCESS of primary coverage, meaning it just supplements the players existing insurance.

So, why buy it?

Because most people don't have the money on hand to cover a deductible of $1000 or more.

Also, with Co-Insurance, a knee surgery could still run you 5-7k out of pocket.

Again, with AME, you can't just buy for the 6 players. You must buy for the WHOLE team. Sorry, them's the rules.

Oh, Rugby.... It's the Law.

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