Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Big Corporate sees HRAs and jumps on board

Had a group quote for 3 people... 3.

Can't even play touch 3 on 3...

So, the rates came back. HUGE! Why? Only three freakin' people.

The LAW: Groups are underwritten considering JUST the group. Individual insurance is underwritten against the POOL of all other individual plans.

I ran the individual rates. 1/2. That's right, same benefits, 1/2 the premium.

Imagine two clubs competing for players, but one has dues TWICE the others... Who recruits more players?

Sadly, the public is not aware of this discrepancy. Y'all really think two things:

1. Group Insurance is cheaper.
2. I shouldn't have to pay for anything.

Well, guess what?!?!!? That AIN'T gonna happen anymore. As soon as more business owners learn about Health Reimbursement Arrangements, the less group plans will be sold.

DOWNSIDE: (Yeah, there's always a downside.) Declines to those with pre-existing conditions. Again, it's the law. Group's have to take everybody, Individual Insurance can be denied. Sucks.

Solution to that tomorrow...

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