Monday, February 08, 2010

One-sies, two-sies

Ever gone to training only to have a few guys show up? Can't even play touch 3 on 3. (Idaho Kickback, maybe...)

Some insurance policy's are too small to mess with... So, here's when you should skip the agent and go online:

A "Monoline" policy: That's when you have only one item insured, like a single car, or a renter's policy.

If you combined the renter's with the auto, and wanted an umbrella, that's when you talk to an agent.

Property and Casualty insurance is regulated, but buying P&C insurance appears to be easier that buying Health Insurance or Disability.

I'd still call a Farmer's or Allstate guy after getting online. Couldn't hurt to compare quotes.

Big stuff, Agent. Little stuff? Save yourself the policy fee.

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