Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RePost: Sbux vs Private Health Insurance

[Sorry, I accidently published a comment from a dummy website]

This is PRE-COBRA comparison.  (I'll get the COBRA rates from Sbux)

For an HSA-qualified plan, 39M, in San Francisco county, CA:  $134/month

No copays, no R/x, just a basic HSA policy that goes to 100% coverage after the 4k deductible is met.

If I add VBA's 5k AMC plan:  Another $45/mo  (This plan has a $100 Deductible, Accidents and Injuries only)

TOTAL 134 + 45 = $179/month

Starbucks Routine Care PPO Plus (When you take HQ (A health questionnaire, good idea really)

$20/pay period, or appox. $40 a month

$500 Deductible, $4,000 OOPMAX, 30% co insurance for office visits, all other services.  100% up to $500 on routine preventative exams, $400 copay for hospital admission, $50 copay for the ER, Chiro and Accu NOT covered (Interesting, considering the $500 for tests), and $10 for Generic R/x (No better than Walmart)

If I wanted to cover my OOPMAX with a VBA 5k AMC plan, add another $44/mo

TOTAL 40 + 44 = $88/mo

This quick analysis makes it appear that Corporate Benefits from Sbux beats Individually Owned Health Insurance...

I'll beat that to shit tomorrow...

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