Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loss Runs, and last year's league record

IMHO, the entire US should be under a promotion, relegation system on all levels of Rugby.

Sadly, I'm not in charge.

In the Property and Casualty world, (especially for Comercial Insurance, like Club Liability, or Business Liability), Loss Runs represent your past record.  Win a lot, IE, no claims, and you get a lower rate.

The opposite, is, obviously, also true.

The challenge can be in getting your loss runs, especially if you're changing companies.  Best Way:  In Writing.  Send the letter, to a SPECIFIC person, and you should have the report quickly.

I know, I know, why does it take so much effort to get info you basically own.

That's because the insurance industry moves at the speed of smell.

Just like...oh, nevermind.

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