Monday, March 29, 2010

Rugby Insurance for a Day? Possible, only if you're in another Country!

This makes no sense, but, yet, it is true.

About 3-5 times on Friday, I get calls from people who'd like to have Health Insurance for one day, Saturday.  (Oh, by the by, Saturday comes immediately after Friday...).

"No way in Hell pal," is my usual response.

Unless I hear an accent...

"Are you an American citizen?"

"Yes."  Hosed.

"No."  "Really, go here," I gleefully reply.  "Click on the first plan, the ATLAS travel series, and make SURE you get the optional Hazardous Sports Rider."

HCCMIS is the ONLY company I've found that'll cover Rugby under their hazardous sports rider.  Two Summers ago, I issued a plan to our touring side.  Two injuries, one dislocated hip, one impact tooth.  Both players only paid the deductible from the HCCMIS WorldTrips plan.  $100!!!

If you're an American overseas, they'll cover you for a day.  If you're a foreigner in the US, they'll also cover you for any period of time. 

Downside:  The max coverage is $1,000,000.  And the claims can get paper-worky.  (But, that's what you have me for...)  Also, if you're an American overseas, most likely the plan will ask you to fly back to the States, which the plan will pay for... make sense?  Don't Ruck Overseas Without It!!!

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