Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Making decisions off the pitch...deeper issues with Partners, Spouses, and Parents

[Note:  I'm not an attorney, and this post is not meant to give legal advice.]

Outside of Rugby, who do you love?

I've been asked lately about what a Medical Durable Power of Attorney, or advance health care directive is...

When my Mom began to succumb to cancer, we had an attorney draw up a big set of legal docs.  One, was a MDPOA.  It gave me the right to make medical decisions for my Mother in case she became incapacitated to do so.  Thank God she kept her wits about her til the end, and I never had to exercise the doc.

What docs do your parents/grand-parents have in place for this set-piece?  Married?  Have you discussed this with your live-in Rugger?

I know we're Rugby Players, meaning drunk and irresponsible.  Crap.  I chose this game over all others because it's dominated by A-type, hard-charging, strong decision-making personalities.  Stupid can't play Rugby.  Only smart and dedicated.

All I'm suggesting is that if you're smart and dedicated on the pitch, maybe you should also be smart and dedicated with the ones you love.

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  1. I'm a nurse on the spinal cord unit at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis. This is a subject that hits very close to home. I also usually prop when I play rugby. I have made it VERY clear to my wife and adult age children what I want done should I end up with a Christopher Reeve type, catostrophic C-spine injury.

    I do think getting it in writing and notarized is a good idea, because one thing I have noticed over the years is that there is always at least one family member who wants every heroic measure done, even if the person is very old, or bloody miserable.(Funny how it is usually the hard-core, born-again types)