Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prop has question...

hey Kevin,

I purchased the 24 hour accident package and was approved today-I looked it over and it appears that i belong to some membership club-can you explain to me in front row speak what I just bought.




Simple.  Something in prop break by accident. (Not limited to Rugby, you could fall off your barstool, get hit by your SO, etc. etc.) Prop see doctor (either ER or minor emergency center or personal physician, irrelevant).  Doctor fix prop.  Prop gets lots of paper saying that he owes money.  Prop gives $250 to the Doctor (or, ER) because that's the deductible for the accident plan.  Then, the Prop sends copies of the paper work to his insurance agent.  (um, that's me...)  The insurance agent fills out the claim form for the prop, mostly because the prop, and this is irrespective of position, will screw it up, and cause the insurance agent to fix it later.  After a few weeks, the prop will get a check to cover the outstanding bills.  (Bills, are the pieces of paper that say you owe money.)

You cannot send in your bar tab as a claim.

Make sense?


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