Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bad Mouthing your old club...

Ever bad mouth your old club?

We've all done it.  I've done it.  And, it's completely unprofessional.  You look like a schmuck to your new club, and you'll have bridges razed with your old club.

When a wholesaler/Company rep bashes a client, then you've seen unprofessional on a whole new level.  Run.

Clients are difficult and ignorant.  Sorry, Ruggers, but y'all general don't know shit about insurance. 

I do.  And, I signed up for this gig knowing that you don't know.

An experienced wholesaler (a company or general agent that is a middle man between me, the broker, and the insurance company HQ) should NEVER bash a client.  If they say awful things to you about them, imagine what they're saying about you to your client.

Such behavior must not be tolerated.  Find their boss, and tell them about the incident(s). Document, just like you were filing a claim.

I just recently switched clubs.  I love the Fog, but Golden Gate is the better place for me and my son.  I strongly encourage anyone new to the Rugby scene in the Bay Area to check out both clubs and decide for yourself.

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