Friday, August 27, 2010

Massive Rate increases already happening in CA

The Blues are about to jack up rates around 20%.

They can do this because they are spending 70% of premium on health care costs.  Once they hit this ratio, they are allowed, by law, to increase rates. 

Remember, Obamacare didn't address COSTS, which are rising like youth rugby in America.  IMHO, the rise in costs is due to the lack of transparency, and the low amount competition in the health care industry.  The solution is to shop your health care, use an HSA, and use a health boutique for your health maintenance needs.

As I've written a 100 times before...

Ironically, companies like Value Benefits of America are thriving because their plans cover what people need, and not subject to the lunatic laws of each individual state.  Here again, lies a solution:  Allowing insurance to compete across state lines, and allow them to tailor benefits according to the market, not to state lawmakers looking to stay state lawmakers.  (Gov't reps are like that guy you meet in an Elevator wearing YOUR team's jersey. "Hey, do you play for Mumbles RFC?" "Yeah!" "So, you know Bob the Blob?"  "Yeah, he's awesome!"  And as the jackass leaves the elevator, you smile knowing that Bob the Blob died in the 80s.)

Anyway, your premiums will continue to go up if you purchase traditional PPO or HMO insurance.

Or, listen to me...

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