Friday, December 17, 2010

Who stole the clubhouse beer? Or, why you don't have a Primary Care Doc

Beer. It's what motivates most Rugby players. That first cold draught thrown back immediately after the final whistle reminds us of the conquerors of yore, who drank beer post pillage!

Here's what happens if you have the wrong people guarding the beer.

I don't have a primary care doc, I use a concierge service called One Medical. I'm sure the AMA hates these people.

Specialists take home most of the money in healthcare. Primary docs, the ones a rugby player truly needs to stay on the pitch, are fewer and fewer each day.

Add Obamacare, and you'll see PCPs hang up the boots in multiples of XV.

Solution: Watch your own beer.... Support a primary care physician, and help fix a broken system.

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