Friday, December 03, 2010

You have HEALTH CARE!!! (Just, maybe not Health Insurance...)

If you are sick, or injured, you MUST see a doctor.

"But, I don't have health insurance..."

Well, that maybe true. But you do have Health Care. The EMTALA act forces any Emergency Room to see you. You CANNOT be turned away. Also, most doctors will see, AND work with you paying the bills.

Get fixed. Get Healthy. Please.

Resources to help pay the bills:
  • Direct Negotiation: If you have the capacity, negotiate directly with the Medical Service Provider. They want to help you, and they will. It's a smart business decision.
  • Patient Advocacy: Can't negotiate? Have someone do it for you.
  • Gov't Programs: Too many to list here. Contact me, and I'll direct you to the right agency. exists.

Now, go get fixed, so you can hit someone!!!!

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