Friday, January 21, 2011

CIPP and Club Dues: Can't get around them... High Cost of Healtcare? That's easy...

CIPP and Club Dues: Gotta pay to play.

High Cost of Health Care: Easy to fix.



Another set of culprits in the milking of Americans are the Doctors themselves. They, literally, have been setting their prices for years, and nobody's rucked over them!!!

Shift the way health care providers get paid, and you'll see a shift in health care costs. Emphasize primary care, preventive care, alternative care, and STOP feeding the specialists.

Why won't this happen? Because MDs will make less money.

Why won't the Feds allow all medical expenses and insurance premiums to be income tax deductible? Because the FEDS will make less money.

Why won't the Feds allow prescriptions to be bought from Canada? Because BIG PHARMA will make less money.

Does this mean you don't have to pay CIPP or Club Dues?


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