Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Bruises and Hangovers...

Every Sunday, a good Rugby player wakes up with some mystery bruises, and a solid hangover.

Tis a good thing:

  • AETNA Leaves Colorado (Hat-tip: Expect this to happen all over the US. Basically, small market share insurers will fade, allowing either the big players to absorbed the healthy individuals and families, and dump the sick and injured onto the State. Welcome to the two-tiered health INSURANCE system. Money and Healthy? No problem. Broke or Un-Healthy? Ever been to the DMV?
  • Business owners are Smart, IE, they don't pay penalties: The way around Obamacare's Employer regs is to offer each employee a certain sum of money, and let them purchase their own health insurance. See the previous bullet for the truth on that.
  • Bitching on FB or Twitter could get your claim paid: Big insurers want healthy people, and don't want negative PR. Ergo, complaining to that company's twitter or FB page could yield results. This will be fascinating to watch over the next few years as Obamacare rolls out.
Now, it remains to be seen what the Republicans do with funding Obamacare. Basically, if they get across the aisle consensus on controlling health CARE COSTS, we've got a shot at turning this trend of a two-tiered health insurance system around....

...However, I don't trust politicians, ever.

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