Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have's and Have Not's: $$$ will determine your level of health care

I'm a big believer in Medical Concierge's like OneMedical here in San Francisco.

A few doctors are taking that kind of initiative, one to the tune of $5,000 per year!

Why? Costs.

Business are intended to make a profit. Too expensive to deal with insurance companies? Go concierge. Too much trouble dealing with all the little claims? Sell High Deductible HSA-qualified plans. Remember, the reimbursement system FAVORS specialists, not primary care physicians. The whole point of the Concierge System is to restore, economically, the neighborhood doctor relationship.

Basically, if you have money:
  • Join a Concierge practice
  • Buy a high-deductible HSA-qualified plan
  • Buy an accident indemnity plan
If you don't have money:
  • Rely on the State/Feds to take care of you... good luck!
If you're in between:
  • Buy a high-deductible HSA-qualified plan (gotta cover surviving a bus hit, or brain tumors)
  • Hope that the state medical system gets your knee fixed within 18 months of injury
Sorry, but that's the reality.

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