Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pending Claims and getting new Insurance: Hands in the Ruck!!!

Hands in the Ruck is illegal. I know, I've played openside, and I broke this law 4,376 times.

However, one thing I've never done, is gone shopping for a new insurance carrier mid-claim. I guess we can file this under stupid business owner tricks, because I had a client who asked for a new carrier on his general liability.

Key verb: had.

Turns out, his business was being sued for various things. Now, this "loss" on the GL's records might not show up yet, as the case was on going. When I asked for the loss runs, he lied and said he's no claims and no losses for 4 years. The incident in question was less than two years ago.

Now, I got lucky on this, because the business requires a special license from the state of CA, thus I can track any challenges. Once I found it, I asked the business owner about the pending accusation.

He has not responded....Mmmmmm...

It's simple: Treat your insurance agent/broker like a lawyer, and assume attorney client privilege. Remember, there are solutions for every challenge, but hiding info ain't one of them.

Hands in the Ruck typically gets you stomped on by the opposition. Funny how refs let that one go...

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