Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where are all the Rugby Players? (Where are all the Uninsured?)

If you've played the game for 3+ years, you know how often a person shows up for a 1st training, after SWEARING that they can't wait to try it... My guess it's 1 out of 10 that show up.

Same can be said for the uninsured. Where are the protests? Where are the 30 Million? If we have 300 Million in the US, that means 1 out of 10 does not have health insurance.

Now, the Left will have you believe that they are disenfranchised due the expensive rates, or pre-existing conditions. Really? Show me the decline numbers, not an individual heart-breaking, argument by example, case.

The Right will say that the 30 Million is a lie, that 20 Million are illegals; and that 9 million with pre-existing conditions, or kids, could get it through their State, but don't; and that 12 Million choose to go without insurance, which makes 41 Million...oh, Republican math...sorry.

Um, you can't find them...just like the Guy you met at a picnic on Sunday that said he's SO THERE on Tuesday... The 1 out of 10 won't show up.

Michigan even changed it's plans to attract the Uninsured. Nothing happened, and no one bought. Remember, Obamacare is redundant. All the programs to help the poor and the un-insurable already existed.

Ever think that the over-legislation and over-regulation of health insurance has made just a bad value?

Ever think that since we already have universal health CARE (you may call for an ambulance right now...), there's really no good reason to carry insurance if you're broke?

Ever think that the populace has had it so good with $20 copays and employer sponsored health insurance, that they have NO CLUE what it costs to see a doctor, or get stitches, or get an MRI, or have knee surgery?

Ever think that 10% of the population is just lazy, and won't buy insurance, even if not having it is against the law? (9% of Californians text while driving!!!)

1 out of 10 people who say they'll try Rugby, try Rugby.

1 out of 10 people who can get insurance, won't get insurance.

Hey, what are you doing Tuesday?

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