Tuesday, May 03, 2011

What if YOU handled the CASH?

You have no idea about the costs of Health Care. Even sites like outofpocket.com are still a bit confusing.

And, you probably don't fricking care...

So, maybe this will change the way health care and health insurance are done in the US:

YOU handle the CASHFLOW between the Insurance company and the Medical Provider.

To quote from the article:

Our survey of 1,739 elderly and nonelderly adults showed that relative to agency-directed services, Cash and Counseling greatly improved satisfaction and reduced most unmet needs. Moreover, contrary to some concerns, it did not adversely affect participants’ health and safety.
Now, this was a narrow study of home health care, but I think it could easily be expanded.

I'll bet it would even solve the primary care debacle, since PCPs get paid nothing. (Would you go through 8 years of medical school and training to earn less than 100k?)

Rugby Players know the POWER of cash in hand. Clubs get real frugal when dues don't come in... Sponsorship money is growing, but when the Club is in charge of paying for refs, fields, and kit, they operate like any business, and look for the best deal.

Wouldn't people do that with health care?

I'm looking for positive solutions, since our politicians suck. Thoughts?

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