Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rugby's Vicious Circle: Playing with injury is like today's Individual/Family Health Ins Market

You're hurt. Injured. If you rest, you could lose your spot. If you play, it'll probably get worse, or you'll injure something else.

And, we've all done this, and NO ONE READING THIS IS A PRO RUGBY PLAYER. Which, makes us insane.

Now, here's the vicious circle with Health Insurance. Obamacare has got the Health Insurance companies completely scared. Individual and Family rates are rising, and underwriting guidelines are getting tighter and tighter. Unless you have insurance already individually, or through work, you must PERFECT to get accepted.

Oh, and here's the fun part. Money is tight, so expect companies to DROP health insurance once 2014 rolls around, and everyone can buy it regardless of pre-existing conditions. The rates will again increase, AND, you'll basically be on Medicaid. What incentive is there to offer benefits, when it's "free" to most of the public.

Happy now?

Rest, don't play. And, if you have health insurance, hold onto it for dear life.

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