Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Insurance is Insurance: Agent be damned?

You don't always need an agent to buy insurance. Here's a cute gimmick to sell cars.

Would the offer of auto insurance get you to buy a car?

If so, you're the type that shops on price only. I wouldn't want you as a client. Why? Because you get EXACTLY what you pay for with insurance. Cheap insurance is cheap coverage.

"What's the cheapest thing I can get?" is a question I'm asked often. I send them to the web. I know that this person is not serious about health care and health insurance, and will have a claim, with a massive out of pocket. Ergo, I don't want to deal with this person.

Funny thing is that when I come across someone who bought cheap insurance from someone else, and they have a problem, they can't find the agent... really? No kidding?


Your Agent is your rep in the selector's chambers. Buy him a Guinness, not a PBR.

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