Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Churning: Stupid Bastard Life Insurance Tricks

I am sometimes embarrassed about being an Insurance Broker.  Especially when I hear about shit like this:

A couple asks friends for a life insurance agent.  They get a referral from a family member, so they trust.  It's a smart couple, so they did some research on their own, but still placed business with the referred agent.  They asked for 20 yr level term.  They got 10 yr.  When they finally noticed a few years later, the agent "churned" them into a new 20 yr.  They told him to go spit.

IMHO, this guy did this on purpose, to get another commission.  Stupid Bastard.

Trust your agent/broker, but still read what you buy when you get it. 


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Did the agent agree that they had asked for a 20 yr level term policy (or did they have proof such as an email trail)?

    If so, it sounds like the agent should be making a claim on his own E&O policy to cover the premium upcharge. :)

  2. Excellent suggestion. Keep you posted.