Thursday, August 11, 2011

There's always a program (Gov't usually) to help you with Medical Bills...

Just learn about this one today.

Seriously, there are 100s of programs out there for the underinsured and uninsured.  Wanna know you don't know about them?  Because you haven't asked....

Even if you're rucking without insurance, at least take the personal responsibility to find a program to help you in case a prop falls on you. 

Soon, Rucking Insurance Services will no longer feature individual and family health insurance on a single product basis.  (Meaning, you'll have do more business with us before we trust you.)  The Rugby only plan was killed due to high claims, from those without primary insurance.  Death Spiral.

If you need to find a health care assistance program, do call us, or hit up

There's always a program to help...always.

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