Friday, October 14, 2011

Rugby World Cup Finals: Countries Rated by Health Care System


1.  France:  They have a sweet system, and with only 65M people in a state 1/3 the size of Texas, admin is easy.  Best part:  The money flows through the PATIENT, using a reimbursement system.  Smart, and gets the patient involved.  The US could NOT, unfortunately, adopt this system.  We're too big, spread out, and costs are NOT transparent.
2.  Australia:  Great mix of private and public plans.  I'd personally like to see this implemented in the US.
3.  Wales:  Has an NHS... I could link 1000s of negative stories.  Bloated, inefficient, and basically kills the poor off-hand.
4.  New Zealand:  I couldn't figure this one out...I guess it works... except for all the Kiwis works with... (^_~)

Imagine is this was the Rugby World Cup results!

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