Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yes, you must fill a claim form...

Americans are completely divorced from how medical bills get paid.  IMHO, that's the real challenge.

"I just thought I only needed to send them the bills?" a parent blithely told me.

I feel for this parent, because I'll bet her doctor's office fills out all the paperwork for her, either her GP, pediatrician, and the OB/GYN... Why? Because that's how the MD offices get paid.

Hospitals, especially Emergency Rooms, won't do that.  Guess where Rugby players end up on Saturdays?  (and the occasional Tuesday/Thursday...)

I suggest you fill out a claim form for EVERY bill you get, make copies, and send in the originals.  Then, make phone calls still you get a human.  Then, write that human's name down, and their DIRECT phone number.  Stay on it!

Rugby players cannot remain divorced from this system.  We are better than that.

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