Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Concussions: I once thought U. Delaware was Lafayette College

1,000 years ago, I played center.  On an attacking scrum, inside the 22m line and just off the left post, our fly half called a "One Three Scissor."  (I know, I know, but we were in College...)

I smacked the No. 8 square in the head with mine own, bounced to the right, juked the 15 and a covering flanker to score center post.

I have no memory past the initial hit and from the film, it wasn't a juke, it was a lucky angle from how I fell to the Earth to take a little nappy nap.

Concussions are super serious, and luckily, our Jesuit Priest coach/advisor was an MD. 

Here's how the PROS are handling concussions.  What's the procedure at your club or youth program?

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