Thursday, November 10, 2011

Predators and Youth Sports: What you can do to protect your child, and Youth Rugby Players

Penn State, Joe Paterno, and a Child Molester.   Every major news source is featuring articles on this situation:
What can you do to protect your rugby-playing child, and protect your youth rugby league:
  • Ensure your General Liability insurance has Abuse-Molestation Liability (AML) coverage
  • Use (FREE to all clients) to train coaches and volunteers
  • Background checks (offered through Praesidium again...)
  • Create a culture where you OVER-report
  • Open lines of communication continually and repeatedly, for players, parents and everybody else
John Kass of the Chicago Tribune is spot on, Predators use Sport to hide and find victims.

US Swimming last year.  Penn State this year.  When will Rugby in America figure this out and get serious?

Hopefully, before it happens again...

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