Thursday, December 15, 2011

AAU Gets Serious About AML: Abuse Molestation Liability...Rugby Listening?

More sexual abuse accusations, this time it's the AAU.

I remember being part of AAU Track & Field as a kid.  I also remember my Father telling me to never be alone with a priest.

There's only ONE, ONE Sports GL program that has both Abuse Molestation Coverage, but couples that with FREE services from Praesidium Inc.  That would be Rucking Insurance Services.  Me.

For less than the current union's cost, RI can provide GL, AML, and Coaches Professional Liability.  Combine that with competitive rates for Accident Medical Expense, and Rucking Insurance has the strongest Youth Rugby, and Youth Sports Program, in the US.

Call Kevin at 800-605-5024 now...

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