Thursday, December 08, 2011

PD and BI: What MythBusters Cannonball Accident Can Teach About Insurance...

So, MythBusters missed....

Now, thank the Rugby Gods, no one was hurt.  That would've been BI, or Bodily Injury.

So, the Door, the house, and Van?  PD, or Property Damage.

IMHO, the show itself will make reparations, maybe not even filing a claim with their General Liability Insurance.

Now, if there was a claim, Kip Fuller of Farmers Insurance thinks that the fault could be with either the firing range or the cannonball shooter/MythBusters.  Even further, if the homeowner or the van owner file a claim with their own insurance, those companies might subrogate, meaning the homeowner's or auto policy will go after MythBusters to pay part or all of the damage repairs, replacements, etc.

Either way, no one got hurt, and two households are getting some new stuff that they currently "miss."

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