Monday, December 05, 2011

Rugby as Community, an Exclusive Community

Rugby is an exclusive community.  An "Old Boys" network that has expanded beyond the picture of old, fat white guys smoking cigars.  We're in the LGBT community, Women's sports, and Youth too! 

On LinkedIn, there's a group called "The Rugby Business Network."  I highly, highly recommend joining it.

As a business, Rucking Insurance Services does NOT market to the General Public.  Why would I waste my money on that?

Example:  Health Insurance was once 80% of my revenue.  It's now less than 3%.  But, I'll always help out a Rugby player who's looking for health insurance.  A Soccer player?  Nope.  Some generic lead?  Nope.

Just y'all...'cause I love this Game.

I know this isn't insurance info, but I wanted to put a thought into your head.  Who is your community?  And, why wouldn't you want to work exclusively with them?

Rugby is my Community.  And, I do work exclusively for them.

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