Thursday, January 12, 2012

CA Health Insurance: A New Hope...

People are losing health insurance in CA.  21% of the population, or 1 in 5.


It's too expensive, doesn't seem to have any value, and too many people can skirt by without it, burdening those who do have insurance.  (Similar example is Auto Insurance in CA:  25% according to this study.)

Luckily, a new company call See Change Health is working to reversing that trend.

Simply, See Change will PAY YOU to go to the doctor, and to take steps to be healthy. 

They understand that catching something early helps everybody, you, your employer, and the bottom line of money.

They create a personalized "Health Action Plan" for each employee, and provide CASH incentives to take the necessary steps to get or stay healthy.

Interested?  Call us.

Now, for Rugby Players, imagine getting PAID to go the Chiropractor, or Massage Therapist.  How about help with your gym membership, or supplements?

More interested?  Call us.

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