Thursday, February 02, 2012

Slips and Falls and Insurance Claims on General Liability and Workers comp

Attention Rugby Playing Business Owners: 

A few facts about slips and falls:
  • They are the #1 most frequent type of accident (and costliest) for general liability coverage.
  • They are the #2 most frequent type of accident (and costliest) for workers’ compensation coverage.  
  • They account for highest frequency of lost time days, right there with strain and sprain type related injuries.
  • They tend to result in a high degree of permanent disability.
Best practices for slip and fall prevention:
  • Place slip resistant and moisture absorbent mats at main entrances and exits to your facility.
  • Use wet floor signs and posters to warn people of slippery floors.
  • Implement a policy that requires employees to immediately clean up spills or wet floors and to use wet floor signs.
  • Consider installing non-slip tape or non-slip substances on potentially slippery steps or floors. 
  • Consider requiring employees to use slip resistant shoes or boots.  These types of shoes are generally inexpensive and significantly reduce slips and falls. Payless Shoe Store and Walmart sells slip resistant shoes; for more information click here
  • Review a slip and fall safety topic with your employees this month.  I have attached a slip and fall training outline for your review and use.

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