Thursday, March 08, 2012

Concussion Coverage: SEPARATE from Sports GL and AME

Concussions... Please note this doom and gloom statement regarding the NFL:

There's a lot less money in the sport, and at first it's "the next hockey" and then it's "the next rugby," and finally the franchises start to shutter.
I will do whatever it takes to keep Rugby safe, and legally insured.

Consider ADDING a concussion program to your current Sports General Liability and Accident Medical Expense coverage.  Why?

  • Loss Prevention:  Kinda like having a safety program at work to contain Workers Comp costs
  • Baseline Information:  Gotta have a scan of the Players Noggin' PRE-Season, for comparison
  • Awareness Education:  Getting Coaches, Players, Volunteers and Moms'n'Dads information that could save a Player's life.  
  • Extra Money in the healthcare kitty:  Aflac has been selling cancer policies for years.  Why a concussion policy? 
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