Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rugby Tour Insurance: PROP Sized Changes!!!

A long time ago, in a ruck far, far away...

I could insured a guy on tour, US overseas, or Kiwi here in the States, for $1.62/day with $50,000 in cover and no deductible.  Sweet Deal! 

However, the market has made a PROP Sized Change:

1.  No more individual tour insurance.
2.  Groups from 5+ can get good a travel package with $5,000 in Rugby Cover for about $2.75/player/day
3.  Groups from 15+ (Full Teams) can get $25,000 in rugby cover, but at $5-6/day/player

So, if Kiwi Mike wants to go to the US, he CANNOT get Rugby coverage through a travel insurance company.

If Kiwi Mike has 4 or more friends, they can do it as a group.

If Kiwi Mike travels with his full side, solid coverage.

$70 for a 14 day tour, which includes all the Bells'n'Whistles of a travel package (Lost Luggage, Lost Docs like Passports, Care-flights and medical for non-rugby stuff, etc. etc.) is still a solid rate.

Call or email Kevin with inquiries.

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