Thursday, May 31, 2012

Loyalty to and VBA (Soon to be NEA...)

Imagine working with a company that has NOT increased it rates in 7 years!  Has your post-match beer costs risen in the last 7 years?

7 years...NO RATE INCREASES!!!

In fact, I work with two companies with that Title.  And... the second just DECREASED it's rates for it's plans.

My 800# is through  Amazing services, it even picks up and transcribes voicemails into text messages when my phone doesn't pick up!  The 800# is international, all I pay for is the long distance, if necessary.  Since I have unlimited long distance through Sprint, my 800# NEVER costs more than $40 per month!

The Second Company is Value Benefits of America, or VBA.  Their 24h Accident Medical Coverage is the BEST in the country!  $70/mo roughly for $10,000 in accident/injury cover for a whole family, and it INCLUDES sports!

VBA just dropped it's rates for an individual plan $5-10/month depending on the level of coverage.  Yes, they DECREASED rates for Individuals.  Name one insurance company in the World that's done that...ever?!?

Money's tight, and Rugby Money seems to be non-existent, especially when collecting club dues.   I recco these two companies, hard and fast!

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