Monday, May 21, 2012

Sexual Harassment: A REAL Risk!

This woman was awarded $812,000 for Sexual Harassment. 

Please note:  NO Criminal Charges, and NO Punitive Damages. 

Yet, she still ends up with near $300,000 after paying off the attorneys...

If there were punitive damages, millions would have been awarded.

Are you taking Sexual Harassment in your Sports League seriously?  Imagine if a coach walking through a school did this to a janitor? 

"Oh, that won't happen with us..." time, it will.

How to mitigate:  Get with and be absolutely SURE you have background checks for every coach, volunteer, or any other adult involved in your program.  Hold a meeting about the issue.  Make participants aware that your organization wants to educate and avoid any chance of such a lawsuit.

NorCal Rugby was shocked recently with allegations of bounties being paid on opponents.  They handled it well.  Luckily, a sexual harassment case hasn't gone mainstream.

In will.  $812,000 worth...

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