Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare is Bush's Fault

RI tends not to get political, though I love the debates on FB.  Here's an insurance agent/brokers take on what just happened:

Obamacare is Bush's fault.

Bush appointed Chief Justice Roberts.  And, he pushed through Medicare Part D, which, IMHO, set the stage for the chance of the ACA, or Obamacare, to happen.

The TWO KEY points you must be aware of:

1.  A Two-Tiered, Have and Have-nots, Health Care System will happen.  It's kinda already here...
2.  The States Don't Have to Play...

Now, Chief Justice Roberts was brilliant in June.  Citizens United is upheld.  IE, all the money in the world can spent on any political ad saying anything.  And, he wrote the ruling that allowed the States to opt out.  Meaning the 26 States who sued the Feds, won.

The 26 States that sued the Feds, won.

For my fellow Californians, I don't know if CA will either drop MediCAL (CA doesn't participate in MediCAID.) and go with Medicaid, or continue going solo.  My advice is to get on Kaiser as soon as possible.  If you hate Kaiser, just wait til you need to hit a DMV to get stitches or an ankle set.  Get on Kaiser, now.

Will all the other provisions of Obamacare hold?  I don't know. Congress could defund, tons of stuff.
Will major employers in states that play drop health insurance?  Yes.
Will major employers in states that don't play drop health insurance?  Yes.  (Already got a phone call this morning from a client, asking me when he should drop his group plan.)

So, in 2014, and you rely on the Gov't for your Health Care, and you're told that you must wait X number of weeks for your ankle surgery, you can Blame Bush...

Unless you have money...

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