Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cyber-Liability: Hype or Hope it ain't your Credit Card Info?

Rugby players like to buy stuff, especially beer, and T-shirts, with silly rugby sayings on them...

First, please get a "dummy" credit or debit card (Google Wallet works too) for ANY online transaction.

Second, find a decent ID Theft protection plan (I use one through my bank, Fells Wargo...).  I've been a victim of ID theft.  And, no, it wasn't somebody from a foreign country...hint.

Third is for the business owner who handles Credit Card, banking info, SSNs, or FEINs of clients.  If that info gets pilfered like Richie MaCaw in on the tackle, you're responsible.  This is especially true if your business handles that info via the Web.

Cyber Liability added to General Liability is not that expensive.  It's a consideration.

Either way, go get that "dummy" CC and enroll in an ID protection plan.

Otherwise, it could be Beers on Zimbabwe...

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