Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Workers Comp and Sole Proprietorship: It's a Disability question...

To Exclude or Not to Exclude, that is the question...

Should a business owner, specifically a sole proprietor, carry workers comp?  It's a dicey issue, and can get insurance brokers into trouble.

If you have employees, you're legally BOUND to carry Workers Compensation insurance.  Period, end of story.  Do you carry it on yourself?

The "I'm Invincible" attitude unfortunately is prevalent.  Until you die working, and your spouse starts suing people. Ask yourself one question:  Does the business exist if you don't?  If you can't work, can the enterprise run itself? 

My guess:  No to both.

The solution:  Personal disability program, and life insurance.  You don't have to hock the farm to buy a ton of it, you'd be shocked just how cheap these products can be. 

Stop Excluding yourself from basic protections. 

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