Thursday, August 16, 2012

USA Rugby's new insurance program

As expected, USA Rugby's Accident Medical Excess program switched carriers, from Zurich to Nationwide, and have made other changes.


Can't emphasize that enough... leaning on USA Rugby's program is not fair, to USAR, and to your fellow players.  IMHO, Zurich bolted due to high claims. 

Please note the following:
  • Deductible increases:  $1,500 with primary health insurance, $3,000 with no primary health insurance
  • Sanctioned Events Only:   I have no clue what this means for USA Rugby.  I know how other sports associations define sanctioned events, so research needed here.
  • Many Exclusions
    • What's a pre-existing condition for this plan?  If you've already injured your knee, and you pop it this season playing, no coverage?  I don't know. 
    • Dental?  Real weak here...
    • Physical Therapy, Chiropractic?  Not expressly excluded on the website.  Time will tell.
    • Play only?  Unclear here.  All actions during training, does that include running sprints?
  • Claims Process:  Again, another area for curiosity, as I know that most Medical Service Providers hate dealing with Excess Coverage Plans
Now, KUDOS to USAR for even offering this coverage.  And, they kept the dues at $45, which is impressive.  Again, don't screw around and think that just because you're CIPP'd you have health insurance.  You do NOT.  Protect USAR and Rugby by getting yourself covered.

Next post:  How to cover these deductibles...

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