Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Way of the Warthogs" and "Rugby Santa"

Two years ago, the Oakland Warthogs coach, Ryan Burke, asked me for $$$ for practice jerseys. Two things have happened since then:  Rugby Santa was born! and became the TRY Donation Program

Second, the Oakland Warthogs became THE Example of how Youth Rugby is changing live for America's Inner-City youth.  Would you like to support the Documentary that chronicles the Warthogs shining rise in the Rugby World?

Back to TRY:  For two years, we've been gathering old jerseys, boots, shorts, balls, even a SCRUM Machine, and distributing the kit to youth teams in need.  Next, "The Girl" over at Scrumhalfconnection.com named the ongoing program TRY!  "Tomorrow's Rugby Youth..." I understand why Wendy married her!

Rucking along, RugbyAthletic.com, Pakiscorner.com, RugbyStrong.org, the old RugbyAmerica.org blog, AGiantsAwakens.com, Ruckie the Moose, and the PCRFU all get involved.

We've gotten donations from RA (TONS), Tennessee, Texas, CA (mostly Fog RFC and SFGG), Washington, and Oregon.  We've delivered donations to PA, CA, TX, TN, NC, NV, OK, and WA.

Now, USA Rugby has invited TRY to the 2013 Youth Development conference.

IMHO, Rugby is the last, best hope for American Youth, especially the under-served populations trapped inside America's inner cities...  Will you help us?

So, over the next few weeks, RI will be promoting Rugby Santa 2012 and the film "Way of the Warthogs"...

Give til it hurts....send us your beer money, your old jersey.... Email this blogpost to EVERYONE you've ever rucked...  Tell the World how much Rugby has changed YOUR life....

...because...Rugby is my Life.

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